Thursday, February 26, 2009


The past few days have been really fun and very tiring. We went on a tour of the Salamanca-the guide showed us all the historical stuff and pointed out things on the buildings we walk by every day. It´s amazing. My laptop is super slow with this internet, so I probably won´t post pictures til this weekend. Sorryyy!
We ate paella and it was delicious. Like I suspected, the shrimp freaked me out. They keep the legs and eyes on them when they´re served. But after I got those off, it was great!
This morning we had a traditional breakfast: churros and chocolate. How the Spaniards are not all fatties is beyond me. The churros aren´t sweet like they are at home, but then they dip them in melted chocolate. I told you all I was going to come back 20 lbs heavier.
But maybe not, because the walk to school is 15 minutes, and I do it multiple times a day it feels like. We walk everywhere, and I LOVE that. In Azusa and Vacaville, you have to drive everywhere. It´s so nice not having to worry about paying for parking or gas. It´s a beautiful way of life.
Biggest changes I´ve experienced:
I smell like smoke all the time. From cafes to the plaza to whatever, everyone´s always smoking.
People don´t go out until like 2am. The streets are empty at around 11pm. It´s a little hard to keep up.
There are many more.. I will update as I remember them.


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