Sunday, May 31, 2009


Italians are the most hospitable people Ive ever met.
Coming home tomorrow!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Italia bounddd

Erin and I are in Budapest right now. Ali and Caryn just left for Paris for the day, then they're going home. Erin and I are meeting her friend Bayley in Rome tonight! In the beginning of this last excursion, I was really tired and sick and not looking forward to the rest of it. Now I am all rested and have a new energy. Being sick while traveling is possibly the worst thing EVER. No one can take care of you, nothing is familiar, and all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball in my own bed in Vacaville. I have one week left in Europe, and I'm excited it's in Italy!
Amsterdam was awesome, but I was sick for most of it, so I just did a bike tour and went out a couple times. I don't feel like I missed too much.
Prague was BEAUTIFUL. You all need to go at least once in your life. There wasn't a huge agenda of things to do, so it was kind of nice just wandering around. Just walking around was amazing because it's just all so beautiful. The architecture of all the buildings is incredible. And it's cheap! It just kind of blew up as a tourist attraction so food and everything is still really cheap. That helped me out a lot because the bank account is not prettyyy.
After Prague we went to Budapest! Super random, but I'm glad we went. Less and less people speak English as you go more toward eastern Europe I think. We were spoiled, because in Amsterdam and Prague, EVERYONE spoke English. Budapest was kind of the same as Prague in that there weren't certain famous monuments to see; we kind of just walked around and saw the city. Yesterday we did a very Hungarian thing and went to the thermal baths. They were amazing. We just sat in the water for a couple hours and got a massage.
I didn't mention a very important component to our stay in Budapest.. We stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel. It was GORGEOUS. Ali and Caryn work there, and they got three nights there for free, and were sweet enough to let Erin and I stay with them. It was pretty great. Erin and I shared a bed, and it was still really comfortable.
Erin and I are about to go to a fine art museum, get some coffee, and head to the airport in a few hours. Rome, here we come!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

3 months later..

So sorry I haven´t updated this as often as I had planned. At least I am writing in it now, I suppose. :]

The semester is over. I have officially left Salamanca and am now onto the last couple weeks of traveling.
Since I went on Spring Break to Sweden, San Sebastian, and Bilbao, a lot has happened. After SB, a bunch of people in the group went to Granada. Easily one of my favorite Spanish cities. After that, I went to my first real Spanish fĂștbol game in Madrid a few weekends ago. I had so much fun. I really enjoy soccer. Two weekends ago I went to Morocco! It was absolutely incredible. I never thought I would go there, but being so close to it, I decided I had to. It was totally worth it. It was like nothing I´ve experienced. There were ten of us, and we went with a guided tour, so I was extremely safe.

We all left Salamanca on Friday morning and stayed in Madrid for the night. I was having so many mixed emotions about leaving. I was so sad to leave that place. The people in the group are amazing and the Spanish people are phenomenal. I have learned so much during the three months I was there. I feel so connected to the Spanish culture, without knowing nearly enough Spanish. I really feel like I experienced Salamanca to its fullest. I have no regrets of things I didn't see or do. I feel the same about Spain. I didn't want to leave without really experiencing it. I went to every part of Spain, and am happy with how much I saw. A lot of people travelled to a ton of different countries like Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, etc. But I am glad to be able to say I saw as much of Spain as I did.
Grocery shopping, eating out, and traveling is going to be so easy at home now. I am actually going to be able to fully understand what people are saying to me. I am going to miss hearing Spanish everywhere. I am going to miss the fact that there is ALWAYS something to do in Spain. I could have never possibly gotten bored.
I won't miss not having WiFi in my house, everything closing on Sundays, poor customer service, and the same food all of the time. I seriously take for granted all the amazing diverse food we have in California. The moment I get home I'm going straight to get a burrito.

Right now I'm in Amsterdam. I'm here with one of my roommates Ali and her friend, Caryn, from home. We'll be here until Tuesday, when we fly to Prague for a few days. After that we're taking a bus to Budapest where we will meet up with Erin! After Budapest, Ali and Caryn go to Paris for a day then home, and Erin and I will fly to Rome! We're meeting up with a couple girls and staying in Rome for a few days, then going to Cinque Terre until the 31st. The day of the first I fly home! I am taking four flights that day! Milan to Madrid, Madrid to Dallas, Dallas to LA, LA to Sacramento airport. Yuck. But at least I will be home and Jesikah is picking me up from the airport! Yay!

Lately my body has been giving out on me. I am so physically weak from lack of sleep, crazy amounts of airplanes and germs, and just traveling. I got sick awhile ago and never let myself fully recover. I can only hope it doesn't put a damper on the next two weeks. !!

I will be home on June 1st. Will be in Vacaville for two months, and go back down to Azusa in the beginning of August for RA training. I cannot wait to see all of you. I am anxious but also excited to spend the summer in Vacaville. Adjusting back to the US as a whole is going to be an experience.

Well, if you read this whole thing, I probably love you or at least like you a lot. I miss you all. See you soon :]

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Break

Haven´t updated in a while. But life is pretty good.

Last night my roommates and friends in our program celebrated my birthday because everyone will be away on spring break during my actual birthday (Saturday). My roommates had everyone come over to our apt and then we went to a salsa place. It was a lot of fun.

As for Spring Break, my roommate Ali and I are going to Sweden until Wednesday. I´m going to stay with Erin! Then we´re going to the Guggenheim in Bilbao on Thursday. Thursday night until Saturday we´ll be in San Sebastian-on the coast of Spain. Then we´re coming back to Salamanca for Semana Santa (Easter Sunday) where I finally get to experience REAL Easter. No Easter bunny this year! They actually celebrate Jesus here. It´s pretty cool.

Love you all. Getting a tad bit homesick, but hopefully it´ll pass.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I just got back from Portugal a bit ago. I was there for the weekend. After half a day of sight seeing in Lisbon on Saturday, we went to the beach and hung out for hourrrs til the sun came down. It was beautiful and soo much fun.

I accepted the RA position. I will be an RA for upperclassmen apartments next year. Woo!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I got offered a position for RA in the apartments for next year. I am still torn about it though. I have another amazing opportunity to live with great girls in a cute house senior year. There are so many pros to both, and a few cons to both as well.
The past few days have been hard. I don´t feel like getting into detail currently, but please just keep me in your prayers. Don´t worry; I´m not dying. I´m a tad homesick, but only because I feel like so much is going on at home.
Amor y Paz :]

Monday, March 9, 2009

the past few days

So our assignment for last week´s Spanish Life & Culture class was to make a traditional Spanish dish. My apartment and a couple people from the homestays made some pretty great food. We made Patatas con chorizo (potatos with chorizo) and Mushrooms Segovia Style. We had a little potluck at one of the other girls´apartments. It was fun to make and eat with everyone.

On Friday, we took a little field trip to the Valley of the Fallen and El Escorial. What the heck is this you ask? I will tell you.
The Valley of the Fallen is a huuuge monument that is the only sign of the late ruler Franco. Franco was a ruler that pretty much everyone hated. They have destroyed almost everything that had a sign of his rule, except for this building. During the Spanish civil war, tons of people that died were just thrown into this ¨valley,¨which is probably a big reason it was not destroyed. There are only two marked graves in the whole place. It is crazy, because there is almost no literature on this man. Everyone just hates him. And if you do like him (fascists), you don´t tell people in public. It´s mostly the older people that do. Everyone hates him because he oppressed tons of people. He didn´t recognize homosexuals, lower-class people, disabled people etc. as humans. However, he did do a lot of good for Spain´s economy. That is the only good thing I heard about him. Although most Spaniards have never even been to this monument, I´m glad they took us here because it is important to know the history.
Theeen we went to this cute little town called El Escorial. We saw the Palace where all the Kings and Queens (and a bunch of other people) are buried. It was pretty, but the tour of the Palace was about three hours and my legs were getting tired.. :]
The whole day was super fun. One of the best things was that there was an actual tundra at the Palace. It was so WINDY! We almost gone blown away. I got some good pictures. They will be up on FB as soon as I get unlazy.

Last night it was one of the girl in our group´s 20th birthday. They had a shin-dig at their apartment. It was WTF themed? Basically everyone dressed up in ridiculous things. The point was to wear the most random stuff you have together. It was really fun. I like dressing up! &my outfit was ridiculous. Pictures to come.

I love you all. I miss home, but I am also literally having the time of my life. I would not trade this experience for anything.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spanish Life & Culture

Every week we have a class called Spanish Life and Culture, which is pretty self-explanitory. This week we had a Spanish native come in and teach us about pork, cheese, and wine. All three are huge here. In order to get the full experience, the guides took us to three tapas bars. Tapas are like little snacks that you get with wine or beer. Here, they order food with their drinks, not drinks with their food. We went to three different tapas bars and got wine and a tapa at each place. It was fantastic. I love this place.

I just booked a flight to Barcelona for March 26th-29th. I´m really excited. We´re planning all of our weekend trips/spring break and it´s getting crazy. I want to do everything, but know that is not a realistic plan. So far, my for sures are Morocco, Portugal, Grenada, and San Sebastian. I´m also staying until June 5th now, which makes it much less stressful to try to fit everything in.


Monday, March 2, 2009


posting pictures on here takes too long. check my album out on facebook! love.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


The past few days have been really fun and very tiring. We went on a tour of the Salamanca-the guide showed us all the historical stuff and pointed out things on the buildings we walk by every day. It´s amazing. My laptop is super slow with this internet, so I probably won´t post pictures til this weekend. Sorryyy!
We ate paella and it was delicious. Like I suspected, the shrimp freaked me out. They keep the legs and eyes on them when they´re served. But after I got those off, it was great!
This morning we had a traditional breakfast: churros and chocolate. How the Spaniards are not all fatties is beyond me. The churros aren´t sweet like they are at home, but then they dip them in melted chocolate. I told you all I was going to come back 20 lbs heavier.
But maybe not, because the walk to school is 15 minutes, and I do it multiple times a day it feels like. We walk everywhere, and I LOVE that. In Azusa and Vacaville, you have to drive everywhere. It´s so nice not having to worry about paying for parking or gas. It´s a beautiful way of life.
Biggest changes I´ve experienced:
I smell like smoke all the time. From cafes to the plaza to whatever, everyone´s always smoking.
People don´t go out until like 2am. The streets are empty at around 11pm. It´s a little hard to keep up.
There are many more.. I will update as I remember them.


Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yesterday we drove into Salamanca and I thought I was going to pee my pants. This is the most amazing city, and I cannot believe I live here. Madrid was cool, but Salamanca has the smaller city feel. Instead of looking like a big dirty city just like one in America, it has cobblestone grounds and the most beautiful buildings and cathedrals like the ones you see in movies.

We went out last night with the whole group and today we had orientation. We walked around the city and saw the school we´d be studying at. It´s called don Quijote and apparently there are a ton of Dutch people that study with us. Sweet.

I can´t believe this is real life. I´m already in love.

Soon, I´ll post pictures of my amazing apartment (that is a lot bigger than i expected) and my awesome roommates that I adore.

miss you all still!

Friday, February 20, 2009


I´m in Spain. We´re in Madrid for the night, and tomorrow we are taking a little tour of Madrid and then heading to our apartments in Salamanca for the next three months! Out of about 37 people in our group on our flight, about 20 of us had our luggage lost. So right now I´m wearing the same clothes that I flew in. Perfect. They´re sending our stuff to Salamanca, so hopefully I´ll have my stuff by tomorrow! But whatever, I´m in Spain, I can do without clothes for a day hah.

I love Madrid and will definitely be coming back. I´m kind of in love with Spain already. I can´t wait to be settled into my apartment.
The keyboards are a little hard to use, but enough facebook and I´ll be good to go :]

love love!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh hey, I leave tomorrow

I'm in Azusa, and it's 1:04 am. Not a surprise. I have to wake up by 4 am tomorrow and leave for the airport at 5 am. My flight leaves from LAX to Miami, then Miami to Madrid. 13 hours total plus stop-over time. I will be in Madrid for a couple days to adjust to jet lag, then on Saturday afternoon we will be in Salamanca, where I will be for the next three months! 

I said all my Vacaville goodbyes last week, and tonight had the last of my Azusa goodbyes. Tonight was the first time I had a hint of realization that I would not see these people for a long time. It made me sad, but also made me appreciate the pretty wonderful people I have in my life to come back to. 

I still don't feel like I'm going to Spain tomorrow. Ahh.

I don't really know how to blog, and it feels kind of silly, but I'll get used to it. I think it can be a really good tool for keeping in touch. It'll also make my job a lot easier when I get back, while not having to just say, "Oh it was so _____ (great/bad)." Hopefully the former.

I promise I will try to make these somewhat bearable and entertaining. Lots of pictures to come. This will also probably be all over the place- sorry English majors. 

Well, chances are if you are reading this, I love you and will miss you dearly. Find me on skype: nadynejanette

all my love.