Wednesday, May 6, 2009

3 months later..

So sorry I haven´t updated this as often as I had planned. At least I am writing in it now, I suppose. :]

The semester is over. I have officially left Salamanca and am now onto the last couple weeks of traveling.
Since I went on Spring Break to Sweden, San Sebastian, and Bilbao, a lot has happened. After SB, a bunch of people in the group went to Granada. Easily one of my favorite Spanish cities. After that, I went to my first real Spanish fútbol game in Madrid a few weekends ago. I had so much fun. I really enjoy soccer. Two weekends ago I went to Morocco! It was absolutely incredible. I never thought I would go there, but being so close to it, I decided I had to. It was totally worth it. It was like nothing I´ve experienced. There were ten of us, and we went with a guided tour, so I was extremely safe.

We all left Salamanca on Friday morning and stayed in Madrid for the night. I was having so many mixed emotions about leaving. I was so sad to leave that place. The people in the group are amazing and the Spanish people are phenomenal. I have learned so much during the three months I was there. I feel so connected to the Spanish culture, without knowing nearly enough Spanish. I really feel like I experienced Salamanca to its fullest. I have no regrets of things I didn't see or do. I feel the same about Spain. I didn't want to leave without really experiencing it. I went to every part of Spain, and am happy with how much I saw. A lot of people travelled to a ton of different countries like Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, etc. But I am glad to be able to say I saw as much of Spain as I did.
Grocery shopping, eating out, and traveling is going to be so easy at home now. I am actually going to be able to fully understand what people are saying to me. I am going to miss hearing Spanish everywhere. I am going to miss the fact that there is ALWAYS something to do in Spain. I could have never possibly gotten bored.
I won't miss not having WiFi in my house, everything closing on Sundays, poor customer service, and the same food all of the time. I seriously take for granted all the amazing diverse food we have in California. The moment I get home I'm going straight to get a burrito.

Right now I'm in Amsterdam. I'm here with one of my roommates Ali and her friend, Caryn, from home. We'll be here until Tuesday, when we fly to Prague for a few days. After that we're taking a bus to Budapest where we will meet up with Erin! After Budapest, Ali and Caryn go to Paris for a day then home, and Erin and I will fly to Rome! We're meeting up with a couple girls and staying in Rome for a few days, then going to Cinque Terre until the 31st. The day of the first I fly home! I am taking four flights that day! Milan to Madrid, Madrid to Dallas, Dallas to LA, LA to Sacramento airport. Yuck. But at least I will be home and Jesikah is picking me up from the airport! Yay!

Lately my body has been giving out on me. I am so physically weak from lack of sleep, crazy amounts of airplanes and germs, and just traveling. I got sick awhile ago and never let myself fully recover. I can only hope it doesn't put a damper on the next two weeks. !!

I will be home on June 1st. Will be in Vacaville for two months, and go back down to Azusa in the beginning of August for RA training. I cannot wait to see all of you. I am anxious but also excited to spend the summer in Vacaville. Adjusting back to the US as a whole is going to be an experience.

Well, if you read this whole thing, I probably love you or at least like you a lot. I miss you all. See you soon :]

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