Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spanish Life & Culture

Every week we have a class called Spanish Life and Culture, which is pretty self-explanitory. This week we had a Spanish native come in and teach us about pork, cheese, and wine. All three are huge here. In order to get the full experience, the guides took us to three tapas bars. Tapas are like little snacks that you get with wine or beer. Here, they order food with their drinks, not drinks with their food. We went to three different tapas bars and got wine and a tapa at each place. It was fantastic. I love this place.

I just booked a flight to Barcelona for March 26th-29th. I´m really excited. We´re planning all of our weekend trips/spring break and it´s getting crazy. I want to do everything, but know that is not a realistic plan. So far, my for sures are Morocco, Portugal, Grenada, and San Sebastian. I´m also staying until June 5th now, which makes it much less stressful to try to fit everything in.


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